Saturday, January 9, 2010


I was so surprised to get this in the mail yesterday . . .

It's from a SWEETIE ~ Brenda over at Sweet As A Gumdrop!  I was surprised and caught myself chuckling.  :)  You have to check out her creations because Brenda can whip up anything with a punch.  LITERALLY!  She had posted her latest punch art and made a panda.  Jokingly, I tossed out the idea of making some baby pandas.  Well, somtimes when you ask for something, sometimes you receive it!  Boy, did Brenda punch it out!  She made a family of 4 to go with this address book! 

So adorable . . . I will treasure this SWEETIE!!  Thanks so much for thinking of me and making my day!!!  :)  Let's see where your JOURNEY will take you next?  Maybe making Cupid for Valentines Day?  {Clicking my heels like Dorothy!} 


  1. This is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!! Oh WOW what a wonderful RAK!!!! I totally see why you LOVE this!!!! AWWW TFS!

  2. I had a hunch it was you, lol! Lucky you, this is so sweet!

  3. Oh, they're sooo cute! I can see how it would make your day, it's such a happy card!

  4. Awesome!!! that is sooooo darn CUTE!!! Hey, Thanks for making my day and sending that beautiful Stella set! i LOVE it!!! so thoughtful of you!!! =D hugs, Kris

  5. OMGosh my Luv, thanks for sharing these cuties! Brenda is certainly the Queen of punch art!
    Hope you are having a nice weekend. See you soon.

  6. very cute! you were lucky to receive that RAK!

  7. Such a sweet rak from Brenda! She's a whiz with those punches! Those pandas are super cute!! xo, Teri

  8. It's me!!! I'm alive!!! I'm back!!! :-)

    Yes, I'm feeling so much better. I got up and around today and did some laundry and paid some bills and did a bit of light housekeeping... basically got organized for the week. No stamping time, though, but I'll be at it tomorrow after work without fail!

    Anyway, before I go to bed, I had to stop by and say hi and tell you that I lost your email address, so I'm hoping you'll email me again so I have it. And I want to see all you've been up to. Lucky duck getting these cute pandas! I love punched art! What a wonderful gift.

    Thanks so much for all your kind comments and well wishes on my blog. It means so much!


  9. This is just adorable!! I love this, and how lucky of you to get it!!
    Jodi =)


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