Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflecting on 2009 . . .

I have been blessed this whole year through!  Recap of 2009 . . .

January ~ Starting off the year RIGHT!

February ~ Celebrating my sweet daughter's 1st birthday!  :)   1LuvnDad started P90X

March ~ Barnyard Egg-stravaganza Event @ my church . . . so much fun for the kids!

April ~ Celebrated many birthdays with parties and get-togethers!

May ~ :( Really bad allergic reaction to my contact lens!  1LuvnDad done with P90X!  Woohoo . . . lost 12 lbs. & looks HOT!

June ~ My son finishes his 1st year of preschool.   Not returning to preschool next year, we decide to be "teachers" to him at home!  1LuvnDad & I celebrated our 10th Anniversary!!!

July ~ Family Reunion in Oregon!  Also visited with good friends!  Celebrated my son's 4th birthday!

August ~ Planning out the kinds of activities to put the kids in since my son's not in preschool

September ~ STARTED THIS BLOG!!! YAY!!   We sign my son up for swim lessons and soccer.   Also, have the kids in a Tiny Tots program once a week.

October ~ Continue doing various activities with the kids . . . luvn the beach!

November ~ Spent a lot of time hanging out with family & friends.   Thanksgiving was a nice time to bond with our family!

December ~ My girlfriend trip to Vegas :)   MORE gatherings with family & good friends for Christmas!

Here we are.  The year is at its end and I look back at my planner and think how grateful I am to experience all that I've experienced this year.  I think about the family & friends that luv and support us.  The ways in which my husband and children enrich my life.  Just trusting in the Lord that everything is in His hands no matter what the circumstance.  And lastly, my dear blog friends . . . it has definitely been a JOURNEY from the time I started this.  I am grateful to have connected and made friendships through this blog.  I enjoy reading and getting inspiration from y'all.  It's been a pleasure to see how everyone has grown through their experiences.  I, too, have grown a lot.  So, as we JOURNEY into the new year, continue to have FUN, FUN, FUN!!!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Yakudoshi for a Special Brother!

Hope everyone is recovering from Christmas . . . but wait!  New Year's  Eve & the day is just around the corner, try like tomorrow and the next day after that!  Oh, I think I have to recover TWICE!!  Anyway, I made a card/project for my brother's surprise Yakudoshi (41st birthday). 

The moolah holder goes inside of the gable box.

Kadomatsu pictured with my project. 
Nine kadomatsu arrangements will be the
centerpieces for my brother's party.


What is Yakudoshi?

"Bad luck ages are referred to as yakudoshi, with yaku meaning “calamity” or “calamitous” and doshi signifying “year(s).” These years are considered critical or dangerous because they are believed to bring bad luck or disaster.

For men, the ages 24 and 41 (or 25 and 42 in Japan) are deemed critical years, with 41 being especially critical. It is customary in these unlucky years to visit temples and shrines to provide divine protection from harm. In Hawai‘i, it has become a widespread tradition among men of Japanese ancestry to celebrate the 41st birthday with a festive yakudoshi party or gathering to ward off the bad luck or disaster that may strike. The birthday person should wear red to bring good health, vitality and long life.
The equivalent yakudoshi ages for women are 18 and 32 (19 and 33 in Japan), with 32 thought to be a particularly hard, terrible or disastrous year. Like the age 41 for men, precautions are taken to ward off bad luck, and some women in Hawai‘i celebrate their 32nd birthday with a special yakudoshi party."

The Japanese style is to keep everything simple.  It's so hard to make something for a guy and be a bit masculine.  It's even harder when I've tried to create a Japanese style card/project!  I used Washi paper and the mizuhiki cord to create a butterfly.  Just had to add it because I wanted to enter it in Danni's Flutter By Wednesday Challenge.  Hopefully it's not too girly. :(

~ Flutter By Wednesday Challenge #90 - Anything goes as long as there is a butterfly, angel, or fairy.

~ Cupcake Craft Challenge #71 - A Time To Celebrate

Okay, you sure got a lesson in Japanese culture!  Now I gotta get my butt outta here!  Have errands to run and things to do!  Not sure if this is my last post of the year but stay tuned people!  :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

CRAK from Michelle . . .

I sure hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, especially spending it was family & friends!  I'm still recovering from it . . . on Christmas day, our family had 3 gatherings for breakfast, lunch & dinner.  Talk about a Christmas spent with family overload!  Don't get me wrong, it was great to spend time with family, but boy were we exhausted!

Here's a CRAK { Michelle, you are responsible for coming up with this acronym ;) } that Michelle sent my way  . . . & I LUV it!!!

I just luv those Gorjuss Girls!

Thanks soooo much Michelle!  It's been awesome to connect with you through our blogs (and at get togethers with D, S, & K).  :)  You are so creative and I totally enjoy seeing your creations!!!   I'll see you soon at D's surprise birthday party!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Warms Wishes of Peace, Joy & Love!

My last post of the day . . . Post #3!  That's a record for sure!

Just wanted to wish everyone Peace, Joy & Love!  Starting this blog has been such a blessing to me!  I trully cherish the friendships I've made and hope to continue to be inspired by those around me.  Thank you for sharing in your lives and in your passions.  May you have a blessed Christmas and stay safe over the holidays.  Oh, don't forget to eat up and go on that crash diet after the New Year's!  :)

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Mini Milk Carton Holder - A Last Minute Gift

Hey all!  I thought I was done with getting all the names checked off on my Christmas list.  WRONG!  I don't know how it slipped pass me, but I felt really bad to have missed one of our family members.  I had given all of the Recipe Boxes that I made away & I wasn't about to make 1 more!  So, I decided to try yet another 3D project.  I luv making cards and stuff, but I also enjoy creating 3D things too.  This is what I made:

The tag says, "A little something for you from me"

All 4 mini milk cartons!

I've seen this Mini Milk Carton Holder on different blogs and totally wanted to try it out.  At Inking Idaho (yes, I like visiting Becky's blog for ideas), Becky has the tutorial for this, but you have to purchase it.  Not expensive at all!  I had it for a while but it wasn't until the other night, that I started prepping & cutting my cardstock.  I didn't want it to be too Christmas-ish because the recipients can reuse the milk cartons to fill with whatever their hearts desire.

I think it's a cute gift to give away.  There's 4 mini milk cartons in which you can put goodies in.  I would definitely make this one again!

Oh, wouldn't be right if I didn't enter in a few challenges . . . You know me, I luv a challenge!

~ Flutter By Wednesday #89 - Anything goes as long as there is a butterfly, angel, or fairy

~ La La Land Crafts #18 - Anything but a Card

~ AiFactory Challenge #17 - Last Minute Gift Ideas

Used a lot of CS & DP, clear acetate (for the window), scallop punch, circle punch, tag, sentiment (CTMH), clear butterfly stamp (Studio G), copics, stickles (for butterfly wings & flowers), ribbon, paper flower with dew drops, & the most important part, the CANDIES!

Well, that's it!  Will be back to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Another CRAK . . . Thank you JOY!!!

Santa's helper brought yet another present to my door today.  Joy, over at A Place To Be Me, sent a wonderful {CRAK}.  You really need to visit her blog . . . Joy is amazing in whipping up any type of project!

Here is what was in my box!

LUVN this card! 

Luv Sassy Suzi Mini Notebook

Do you see those microbeads up there with the Bath & Body Works stuff?  Oh-oh . . . is that a hint to make some S~H~A~K~E~R~S?  :)  I'm no expert on in this area . . . I just make a whole lot of mess with those beads.  I have a bunch that are just sitting in the craft drawer.  Too darn afraid of them!

Anyway, Joy, thank you soooo much!  You are way too sweet and you really didn't have too CRAK me!  I totally appreciate you and all that you do.  Such a wonderful person!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa came a few days early!

Oh boy, where do I even start?  Santa's helper, Mr. Postman, brought me 2 presents yesterday!  :)  I, of course, had to open them because I'm not one for surprises.  But still, after seeing what was in my packages, the surprises nearly killed me!!!  Wanna see why?

CRAK #1:  From Kris

{ The terminology for "CRAK", Christmas RAK, came from my friend Michelle U.  She had posted her food-for-thought on this word not too long ago and it really CRAK-ED me up!!!! :) }

Kris is such a wonderful and creative person!  I just luv her spunk, her style, her enthusiasm for life, & her passion for crafting!  What an inspiration she is!!!  If you haven't visited her blog, you should!  This is what I received today . . .  (beaming with joy)!

Man, just LUVN my personalized memo pad! 
Check that out . . . it says, 1LuvnMama!!! 

Don't you just wanna eat that cupcake?  Beware . . . You'll get a very soapy mouth!!  :)  My son will luv these, but will have to ration it day to day . . . too much sugar bugs is not good for his teeth! 

Okay, on to the next package!  Stay with me people . . . I promise, this is going to blow your socks right off!


As most of you know, Lisa, over at The Craft's Meow, was giving away a HUGE Birthday Candy.  She decided to split the candy into 5 prizes so there will be more to go around.  Oh my goodness gracious, my name was drawn 3rd!  I literally fainted to receive an email from Lisa  . . . she is such a sweetie with a HUGE heart!!!  Here's the prize package I got from Lisa (doubly beaming with joy!):

Likey my Rubbah Stamp Christmas Tree?
9 in all!  :)

Wowie!  You know I'm gonna have a field day and play with my new toys!  :)  I'm am trully grateful and thankful to you . . .

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recipe Box as a 2nd Christmas gift

Back again with another Christmas gift project.  Every year, I try to come up with a homemade or handmade {whatever you wanna call it} gift.  #1:  Keeps the cost of spending down -- my family does live on 1 income since I'm a SAHM.  #2:  Giving something made from the {heart} seems to mean a whole lot more.  #3:  I HAVE AN EXCUSE TO GET CRAFTY! :)

I'm always on a year long search for the perfect idea.  Let me tell you, I've changed my ideas like 3 times before coming up with this one.  I just ran out of time . . . this recipe box took some time to finish but is way less time consuming than my other ideas.  Here it is!

I made 16 of these recipe boxes.  OMG!  I can't believe I actually finished them.  I got the box idea from Inking IdahoBecky Roberts actually made a Birthday Organizer Box, but I changed it up a little to be a Recipe Box instead.  I did fiddle with the measurements to my liking.  Want a closer look?

These are the inserts/dividers.  I placed 11 of them inside the box for almost every category:  Appetizers, Salads, Soups, Breads, Meats, Poultry, Seafood, Desserts, Misc., and 2 blank inserts.   The box measures around 3-1/2" x 5-3/4".  All of the diecut images came from my QuicKutz Santa's Workshop Recipe Die Set.  Thought I had to at least put this set to use!  It's a cute set but a lot of teeny tiny pieces to work with.  Don't know if I'd mass produce this again . . .

Challenge?  Why YES!  :)

~ Allsorts Challenge Week #32 - Anything but a Card

~ Little Paper Shop - Honey You Baked

~ C.R.A.F.T. Challenge 30 - Free For All!

~ Polka Doodles Week 31 - Free Theme!

Anyway, these go out to my family and some really good friends.  I was able to give a handful away to some really special ladies whom I've connected with from blogging.  :)  Thank you ladies for your sweet comments and visiting me here ~ not to mention inspiring me!  You rock with managing home life, children, and your passion for crafting! 

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hello Kitty Notepads for gifts!

Boy, sometimes I feel like a SCROOGE . . . In the busyness of the season, I have to keep reminding myself that it's not about the shopping, the presents, the wrapping, the parties, etc.  It's about celebrating the birth of our Saviour Jesus!!! 

I've been running ragged over here trying to get the "Christmas stuff" done.  But, have tried to remain sane at the same time.  I have one thing to share today.  I made a Hello Kitty Notepad to give away as small gifts.  I had no time to stamp images and color them with my copics.  It usually takes me some time to color because I'm so particular on how it should look.  When you have to mass produce, coloring is not an option for me!

I did this all yesterday.  Phew . . . I was happy to have pumped them all out in one day . . . I won't recommend it though.  I would've totally wanted to embellish with some bling or dew drops, but I was on a time constraint. 

Anyway, thanks for JOURNEYING with me on this post.  Hope y'all will have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Free Class at Stamps & Memories! Wanna see what I made?

Quickie post tonight, I have tons to do!  I went to a free class held by Ann at Stamps & MemoriesThis free class was given exclusively to those that purchased this:

Santa's Workshop ~ QuicKutz Holiday Gift Set . . . Limited Edition Mini Album Set

"This set contains die cuts to create 3 different mini albums.  In addition to the mini albums, this collection includes 59 embellishment dies (23 cookie cutter shapes, 36 alphabet & number dies). When used together, you can create a variety of mini album projects such as brag books, coupon holders, notebooks, journals, scrapbook albums and more." {Description taken from Stamps & Memories website}

Here's what I made:
Gift Card Holder

The inside . . .

Christmas Mug Favor

Tag/Gift Card Holder

All of the papers were cut using the diecuts from this exclusive set.  I had a lot of fun and a BIG THANK YOU TO ANN for putting this class together! 

***NOTE:  All creations above are credited to Ann of Stamps & Memories.  Want to know exactly how she came up with these?  You have to go down to the store and ask!  :)  Sorry, no tutorials or details here ~ sworn to secrecy ;)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

HUGE Birthday Candy from Jude!

This is my second post today.  OMG!  This is a winner!  Go over to Jude's blog . . . she is offering a GINORMOUS Birthday Candy!  It's posted on my sidebar, but if you must take a peek, here it is ~

Go on over and check it out!  Wishing Jude all the blessings on her up coming birthday!  Thanks for sharing it with us!

A RAK from Brenda - So "Sweet as a Gumdrop"!

Just want to post this.  Brenda, over at Sweet as a Gumdrop, sent me this RAK.  Literally, she's so "SWEET" { hey, check out her blog too!  She does some amazing pieces!! }   She won my 3 Month Blogaversary Candy and she sent me these as a Thank You (I should really be thanking her instead!) . . .

A Build-a-Bear Card with a SWEET message inside!

It's a Hello Kitty Checkbook Holder and Credit Card Holder.  I luv the colors (pink is my sweet fav) and I'm just admiring them!  The DP's Brenda used are so cute!!!  Thank you soooooooooo much Brenda!  Luvn them all!!!  I totally appreciate you thinking of me as I know how busy you are in your "craftroom".

Monday, December 14, 2009

December OCS for Shirley N. & some challenges!

I received my Lolli Anya in the mail when I got back from my trip.  It was sent to me because my card was chosen in the Club Anya - On ICE challenge.  I just had to ink her up!!!   I had to figure out how to use her for making a Christmas card.  Well, what do ya know, I turned her into sort of a candy stripe girl!

Teri, (who organized the Nov. & Dec. OCS), gave me Shirley N. as my OCS partner for the month of December!  I'm so thrilled to be paired up with her . . . you just gotta check out her blog, {click here}!  Shirley does some of the most gorgeous cards . . . not to mention, she pays particular attention to every detail!  :)  Talented woman!!!

As I was catching up with all the blogs and challenges, I had to participate in some of them.  I would hate to post this before Shirley sees my creation.  Sorry Shirley! :(  Just don't look and turn away and be surprised when you receive this in the mail!

{ A card and an ornament }

On the backside of this ornament is
the same sentiment as the card.

I saw this card while browsing Inking Idaho.  There are a lot of good ideas (& I luv all kinds of creative ideas!), even some for purchase.  Anyway, I made a 5 x 7 card and like usual, made up my own measurements and dimensions.  Here's the challenges I'm entering in . . .

~ Anyone for Anya? - Bling It On!

~ Stampin Sisters in Christ Challenge #17 - Bling It Up!

~ Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps Challenge #10 - Sparkle Baby!

~ Die Cuts R Us Challenge #20 - Naughty or Nice!

~ The Pink Elephant Challenge #45 - Winter &/or Christmas

NOTE:  I hope that you can see it, but I glued 45 gems/BLiNg on the candy DP!  Not to mention BLiNg on Lolli Anya too!  A total of 61 gems/BLiNg!!! Wowza!!!  Imagine if they were real diamonds :)

Cosmo Cricket DP & CS, Lolli Anya, Nesties, Scallop Punch, Corner Rounder, BLiNg, BLiNg, & more BLiNg!, Christmas Red Stickles, White Fun Flock, ribbon, copics and my computer.  ***For the ornament, I used chipboard and a brad as well as some items listed above.

I enjoyed making these for Shirley!  Hopefully, she can place the Anya on her Christmas tree :)  JOURNEY on peeps!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

December OCS from Shirley N.!

Hey all!  Just wanted to post this 'cause it's a beauty!  My December partner for Teri's OCS is Shirley N.  I was excited to open the mail to see what she created and boy it's a "WOWZER"! 

I little bit closer look . . .

I luv Shirley's eye for detail.  I can't stop looking at it . . . from the die cut poinsetta, to the snow falling on the village (which is embossed), & to Anya all bundled up!  So luv-ly!  Thank you Shirley!!! :)  You made my day!!!

P.S. ~ Shirley, if you are reading this, I'll be posting the card I'm sending you tomorrow so keep your eyes closed (wanted to enter it in some challenges).  You'll be receiving your card in the mail soon!  Taking it to the post office first thing tomorrow morning!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Hello Kitty Birthday Shadow Box

If it weren't for my niece's birthday, I probably wouldn't be crafting.  I'm still recovering and recuperating.  Maybe it's a good thing my niece's birthday party is today . . . it forced me to get my 'okole, or should I say, my lazy butt, in gear!  I have tons of things to do!  I have my annual newsletter that should've been mailed the first week of December including my Christmas card, my December OCS (yay, I got Shirley N.!), not to mention a bit more Christmas shopping and that doesn't include the wrapping of these gifts!  I can't bear to think about it, I just have to get my act together.

I decided to do a Shadow Box Birthday Card.  I didn't have time to do a Diorama Card so I chose to do a simplified Shadow Box.  Super easy and pretty fast!  Can't remember where I saw this (I think it was on one of those challenge blogs), but it's such an easy card to do.

Here's what I did.  If you ask me about tutorials, I pretty much do my own thing with all kinds of measurements.  I chose to cut a 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of CS in half.  Then, scored the 2 pieces at 1/2" & again at 1" on both sides.  Crease the score lines and CREATE any way you like!  Adhere the 2 pieces at the 1/2" score line and voila!  This was my rendition!  :)

I use a cute flower DP in my stash and my HK Sizzix Die along with my nesties (for the window).  Added pearls, dew drops, stickles, and ribbon.

Ok, this was a quickie post . . . have to JOURNEY on to get ready for the birthday party!   See y'all later!  Hope you're having a great weekend thus far!!!  :o)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Psssst!! Wanna see some CANDY? That is - EYE CANDY!

{ SIGH } . . . I'm HOME!  Yay!  Back home to my hubby and my kiddos!  I missed them all while I was away, but had such a good time with my girlfriends.  We did lots and lots of shopping during the day & at night/early morning, we gambled.  Sometimes till 4-6am in the morning!  No wonder I'm so exhausted right now.  I didn't make $$$, but didn't lose it all too.  Thanks to everyone who wished me luck and encouraged me to stay safe so I can come home safe!   :)

Ok, for some candy . . . or should I say, EYE CANDY!!!  If you're having a rough day 'cause it's Friday, this might lift you up to get your weekend started!  Ready?  Here it comes!!!!

*** DISCLAIMER:  1LuvnMama is NOT responsible for any injury or damages!!! :) ***

Here are the Chippendales!!!  Pictured with them are my gf's K, P (the bride-to-be), 1LuvnMama, & L.   Do you see me holding the white piece of clothing in my hand?  I was able to snatch the tanktop that one of the Chippendale dancers threw into the audience!  I gave it to the bride-to-be . . . she's gonna have to stash that somewhere safe.  :)

The bride-to-be's co-workers didn't join us because they had taken her to the "OG".  Don't know what and where that is but I saw pictures and video coverage of their niteout!  OMG!!! Glad our flight was late in the evening.  So glad we missed it . . . soooo raunchy and dirty!!!  What's so funny is that the bride-to-be is conservative, shy, and innocent (can you tell she's an accountant!).  It's unlike her to participate in these kinds of "activities", but what the heck!  She had a private lap dance . . . boy was she one scared little kitten!

Well, I'm glad to be home and have tried to catch up on everyone's blogs.  I've missed out on a lot but ready to get back into the groove of things!  I have so much to do in so little time!  I suppose you know how that goes!  Hopefully, I'll be back with some stuff I'll be putting together!  Until then . . . my JOURNEY's been awesome!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brrrr, It's Cold Out Here in Vegas!

Hey People!

Yeah, yeah, yeah!  I had to check up on y'all!  Boy, I haven't been on the computer for a couple of days now and I'M SO OUTTA TOUCH! (Now I know what Shirley N. must have felt when she was away for days!)  I paid for a 24 hr plan internet service plan here at the hotel so I'm sending a short post.  I wish I were back home on the island but am having a good time here in Vegas as well.  I'm so missing my babies, which I call 2x a day just to say "I luv u" and "I miss u".  I'll be Skype-ing them today which is why I brought my computer (& to do other things on the down times).  I can't wait to see their faces!  :)

Anyway, seems like I'm missing out on all the good projects and all the sharing!  When I get back home, I have a lot of catching up to do, not to mention visiting everyone's sites.  Take care and I'll be back on the "blog" scene in no time . . . 2 days!  Woo-hoo!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland . . .

Good day all!  I'm exhausted!!!!  Last night, I helped my girlfriend who is getting married next year, do her wedding invitations so we could mail them out today.  I got home after midnight and had to unwind a bit before going to bed.  This morning, I got up early to get myself and the kids ready for our annual "Winter Wonderland" at our church.  It's so much fun to see my kids (well, my son) having so much fun!!!  My daughter (I should actually call her my "opihi"), did not enjoy herself.  She mainly enjoyed the food!  Here's some pics of our loooooooooooong day!

Santa, Shadow, Little Peony (Opihi girl), and 1LuvnMama

1LuvnDad & I couldn't get our daughter to sit with Santa so I had to be in the picture (urgh!).  I should post last years picture . . . it's almost the spliting image to this year's picture.  Why is that?

Check this out!  My 2 kids LUV arts & crafts!  I wonder, wonder why?  :o)

There were tons of **SNOW**!!!  All the kids including my kids shared in this event of playing in the Hawaiian Snow.  Here is Shadow making a Snow Angel!

Little Peony looks happy but she only held this snowball for like 5 seconds, dropped it back on the ice, and wailed!  Go figure how her day went . . .

Anyway, I forgot to post a picture of our Christmas tree.  It's been up for several days now.

Well, this is definitely my last post.  Flying off to LV tomorrow!  Woohoo & a Boo-hoo too!  I must JOURNEY on to getting my things packed.  I'll be back before you know it!  :)