Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week #3 and a winner . . .

Well, it's Wednesday!  That means it's time for week #3 of my 2nd blogaversary giveaway!  Before I get to the goods, I need to announce the winner of the Christmas goodies.  The winner by random draw is . . .


Congratulations ldemello!  Please email me your mailing information and I'll get your goodies out to you.  Let's see, what is my Christmas wish?  That I'll make it through another year next year!  LOL!!  Seriously, life is CRAZY and I think I have more white hairs on my head now then I did a year ago!!!  :)

Now, for this week's giveaway, Week #3!  What's up for grabs?  Check it out!

Since I've gotten the Halloween and Christmas goodies out of the way, {bells ringing, bells ringing} it's time for some of my "Favorite Things" . . . Oh, how I miss Oprah!!

I am such a big fan of C.C. Designs and of course, Sweet November Stamps!!!  :)  Wanna win this?  Just leave a comment here and answer this question by Tuesday, September 27th and I'll be back to announce a winner the next day.   Remember, DO NOT POST OF MY GIVEAWAY.  These giveaways are for those that have come by my blog and supported me along the way.  What an adventure I tell ya!

If you were Oprah, list 3 of your most FAVORITE THINGS that you would give away to your audience?

Thanks for stoppin' in today!


  1. I thought that was so cool how Oprah just gave away!! And you are so sweet to follow in her foot steps!!

    3 fave things i'd give away would be a big shot, mounds of DP, and loads of stamps!

    hahaha!! yah it would be all craft stuff...

  2. Idk if its supposed to be in a crafty sense or just any fav thing...But #1- would be a years pass to disney land (who doesnt love disneyland at any age!!) #2- 6 Round trip airline tickets to to travel and see a new place :) and #3- an all expenses paid trip for a winner and their 10 closest friends to Vegas! haha..again, love traveling and love vegas :) its the 9th island after all. Thanks for some more goodies!!

  3. i would give them a car, a vacation, and a box full of STAMPS! lol!

  4. ummm....that would be awesome if I was Oprah! lol! ok... my 3 things would be:
    1. entire set of copic sketch markers
    2. die cuts collections from pti, whimsy stamps, cc designs, spellbinders, etc.!
    3. ipad2

    these would definitely put a smile on my face! :D

  5. If I were Oprah, I would give out money to the public to give out to charitable organisations, build schools for those in need and lastly, give some relief/support to those who went through some disaster like a Tsunami.

  6. Aloha Mama,

    It is awesome to hear that you and I are much alike, living on the beautiful island of Hawaii and love the crafting world! I am new to blogging and have only been really crafting for the past year or such. It has been such a reward to see all the creative people in this world.

    Sooooo...If I were Oprah what would be my 3 most favorite things to to give away...

    1) Coming from Hawaii..."Aloha" is one of the things I cherish the most about being in Hawaii and would want to spread throughout the world. Everyone is so loving, welcoming, appreciative, and giving.

    2) Next would be my love for crafting (whether it be making a card, a gift, experimenting with different mediums, painting, etc), if everyone could take a time during their busy day and just stop and be creative. Everyone would realize what a stress reliever it would be.

    3) And last, I would like to give a free trip to anywhere in this world. Although I haven't traveled very much throughout my life, I would like to start traveling and provide a chance and opportunity for others to see the world other where they grew up from.

    Thanks for giving me the chance to participate.

  7. hooray for me :) thanks so much!!!! happy, happy blogaversary to you :)

  8. Hmmm, if I were Oprah 3 of my favorite things I would giveaway to my audience would be a puppy ("like" our Buddy), a craft room (though I can only dream of having my own room) and a computer (because I can't live without one).

  9. Oh tell me about it, Mama! life IS CRAZY!!! Oprah give always stuff? I think I watched her show only once or twice! LOL I hardly have time to watch TV these days! If I were Oprah, I would probably ask the audience their wishes and grant three people (the once in need) their wishes. But if I were one of the audiences, I wish for TIME, which I don't think Oprah can grant me that! LOL

  10. Ummm...... if I was Oprah! It would be nice to be Oprah. 3 things would be: 1. Make someone dreams come true. 2. Have a chance to meet your favorite idol. 3. Decorate and have everything organize someone craft room. Happy blogaversary!


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