Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week #4 and a winner . . .

Well, well.  Can't believe it's Week #4 of my giveaway.  Before I announce the winner, I wanted to share my answer to my own question.  What would I giveaway to the audience if I were Oprah? 

1.  I'd pay off every single person's debt . . . in these tough times that we're living in, having a new start would be refreshing and stress-free!

2.  A vacation to the most happiest place on earth . . . Disneyland!  :)  I haven't been there in years---I'm looking forward to the day when my hubby and I can take our kids.

3.  The camera of your dreams to capture each and every precious moment! 

Ok, now let's get to the winner of Week #3 . . . the winner is:


Congratulation Mimi!  Please contact me with your mailing address and I'll be sure to get the goodies to you.

Now to Week #4 giveaway.

I have a MS Doily Lace Border Punch, a Papertrey Ink Flower Fusion set with a coordinating die, and a Miyono from Sister Stamps.  These are all companies that I luv!  :)  Want this?  All ya gotta do is comment below answering this question . . .

What is your dream job?

It doesn't have to be craft relate but if it is, I'd luv to know what it is!  :)  Again, PLEASE DO NOT POST OR LINK THIS GIVEAWAY ON YOUR BLOG.  You have till Tuesday, October 4th to comment and I will pick a winner using  Catch you laters!


  1. Wouldn't it be so nice to be deft free!!! Is it possible? LOL I guess that would be my dream! hehe Disneyland is so expensive these days! But we will make that trip soon...maybe in about two years, when the kiddos are able to get on some rides.

  2. My dream job would be to be owner of an arts and craft store with unlimited colors of copics, rubber stamps and happy crafters!

  3. Dream job? I would be paid to travel the world and be guaranteed safe travel where ever I go. I'd eat at all the eateries, shop all the craft stores, visit all the museums and historical sites, and experience living like a local.

  4. I think my dream job would be crafting,sewing, and writing tutorials all day. I do that now only, in my dream job, I'd get paid. Hah!

  5. Yay congrats Mimi!!! you so give from the heart Mama!!! your gifts are definitely from the HEART!!!

    my dream job would be a Craft Critic... is there such a thing?!?! LOL... get to try all the new products and critique... hehe... ummm, guess i do that now huh... but it would be ideal to get paid for doing so... =D

  6. hmm well i have my dream job-being a mama....but if i could be debt free and craft all day that would be my second choice....TFS....hugs liann

  7. omgosh! I won?? Thanks so much Mama!! I'll be contacting you soon!
    I love your answer to the oprah question... yes debt free would be awesome these days! so I guess my dream job is to host monthly random draw contests to win financial help to eliminate any household debts! ;D

  8. Hey Mama~
    My dream job would be: A paid sales rep that would travel the world to buy all the crafts supplies that I would want to have in my own craft store in one of these centuries from now... (he,he)

  9. If money didn't matter, I'd love to be a SAHM so I can spend more time with my kids, exercise daily, and have time to get crafty! I currently work full time and have 2 little boys, so I rarely have a chance to get crafty. The only way I am able to get my crafty fix right now is following blogs and shopping online via my phone during work breaks and late night nursings. What would I do without my phone?! =)

  10. My dream job? To be a full time babysitter! :)
    Thanks Mama, awesome giveaway!

  11. I would love to be debt free too LOL only happens in a dream or if I won the jackpot in Vegas. Haha My dream job would be to own a bakery, I just love to bake. And love to learn how to make yummy dessert from all over the world.

  12. What is debt free now a days! LOL Oh how I wish I was. My dream job would be to craft all day & be great at it so i could share with

  13. What is debt free now-a-days! LOL My dream job would be to have the money to buy all the craft supplies I want & craft all day & then be good enough to share with all my friends.

  14. you want to know what my dream job would be? i already got it! i love what i do and being a mom, watching my girls grow up is the best job for me!

  15. My dream job would job! that I would have enough time to pursue all of my crafting interests which I currently have only enough time to "dabble" in. Perhaps I'd be able to craft at normal hours instead of getting carried away and staying up to the wee hours on weekends. Dream on!


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