Thursday, September 8, 2011

Have I really . . .

{Sorry for the absence . . . when I said I needed a rest and break over the long Labor Day weekend, I meant it.  No blogging so I hope I didn't miss anything.}   :)

. . . been blogging for 2 years?  Yep, I think so!  I set up my blog around August of 2009 and did my first posting in September.  Well, well, I suppose I should do a giveaway then.  I will be doing 4 giveaways for my 2nd Blogaversary . . . one per week.  Craft stuff is filling my bin that I've gathered over time.  Sometimes I find great deals and sometimes I just buy duplicates for the "just-in-case".  Can't hoard it all so this is my way to give back and say THANK YOU to those that follow my blog and to those that I've built a wonderful friendship with through blogging.

I don't have any strict rules for this CANDY giveaway.  All you have to do is comment and answer the question:

What was your most favorite Halloween costume that you wore during childhood (or adulthood if you still dress up)?

Comment here by Tuesday, September 16th and I will pick a winner using  PLEASE, PLEASE . . . do not link my giveaway on your blog or post about it.  This is for those sweet people that come by here . . . you've given me nothing but luv and encouragement over these past 2 years!


  1. know I've been a fan of yours for a while, and recently became a follower...your projects are always amazing! Congrats on 2 years Sweet Mama!


  2. Hey Mama~
    Wow two years! I just started 6 months ago and can't wait to get their too... Congrats to you... But, believe or not I always like dressing up like a witch as a child... Isn't that awkward or what!. I luv that big black witchy hat and that long crooked nose..
    TFS - I can't wait to see what you are giving away...

  3. Hi Mama!
    Happy 2 Blog-a-versary sista! It's only been 2 years yet doesn't it feel like forever? hahaha!! You've been a constant inspiration to me and I love visiting and getting visits from you. Hm.. favorite Halloween costume? I have to say it was my Charlie's Angels Sabrina Duncan outfit with the plastic mask. I felt just like one of Charlie's Angels, funny thing is my dad's name is Charlie, so go figure. hahaha.
    Happy Anniversary Mama! Cheers to many more years my friend. Hugs,

  4. Hello...M..A..M..A...! hehehe! I finally am back to work and got some time to check some blogs, so I am here to leave a message to you! I miss all of you even though I got to see you a few weeks ago. I miss creating and my mojo! I can't wait till the renovations are done...besides having my own craft space, I can finally invite you ladies see the place and then we can craft where ever! any whoo...keep up the inspiration. I do need it often and will come here for it :) hope all is well and hope to see you soon! take care and big hugs!

  5. sweet candy! wow...two years! so glad to have found you in the blogsophere. Love all your inspiring creations. I would have to say my fav was when I dressed as princess jasmine when I was 10 :) I wish I could dress up still, but the DH never wants too! thanks for such a sweet giveaway!!

  6. happy blogaversary! now that i think of it, i forgot about mines (and it was in july)... lol! anyways, my favorite costume growing up would have to be dressing up as a ballerina.

  7. Happy Blogaversary and congratulations to you! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us bloggers for two years. Wow! My most favorite costume I wore as a kid was a dog that my mom sewed and I got to decorate it with spots.

  8. Thanks so much! I love your hot and cold card too! Great candy and thanks! TFS CallyAnn(follower)

  9. Love the hot and cold card, so so cute. i am a follower and I want to congratulate you on you milestone, wow 2 years. My favorite costume was playing a clown.. cause I am usually not funny or hammy, so behind the mask I became real silly and had a great
    mexicopetshop at hotmail dot com

  10. Happy 2-yr blogaversary Mama! I'm so glad to have met you through blogland--and IRL, you are one beautiful young lady! I LUV your inspiring blog and hope to see you creating for many more years! Can't remember that far back to answer your question, lol, so count me out--just wanted to stop by to say CONGRATS!!!

  11. wow - 2 years already???? congratulations :) i have to admit that being a ballerina is the only halloween costume i remember wearing!!!!


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