Thursday, March 4, 2010

Long over due . . . BRAKs to share!

Man, oh man!  Time sure flies when you're having fun . . . or maybe when life catches up to you and realize that you just can't do it all!

This is long over due, but wanted to share some BRAKs I received.

This one is from Joni H. of Crafty Hula Hands.  Check out her blog . . . she's been doing some great stuff and the bonus is that her DDs' are jumpin' on the bandwagon too!  :)  She made an image folder.  Don't you just adore her coloring?

Here's the inside.  Luvn that Emma Balloon Stamp!  Thanks so much Joni! 

This next BRAK is from Joy U. of A Place To Be Me.  You really have to click your fingers over to her blog too!  She's on a roll and creating some amazing projects!  Just take a look!  What a collection Joy sent!  I will cherish these and yes, they are sitting among my other treasured gifts from other talented ladies!  :)

Along with the handmade BRAKs, Joy sent a bunch of other goodies.  OMGosh, I felt the LUV!  You know that I'll be playing with these babies . . . Joy also sent some charms (pictured above)  from Stamp and which she is a DT for.  Check out Lacey's store!  Thank you millions Joy!  I totally appreciate your thoughtfulness . . . you are a pure sweetie!

I have a bunch of other BRAKs I will post later.  Just want to share because a lot of heart and soul went into making such wonderful projects which I adore!  Thanks again Joni and Joy!  One more HUGE THANKS to "Mrs. S"!  Your generosity and friendship means the world to me!  Luv my goodies and my card!  :)


  1. so glad you got the goodies! I know I don't measure up to your talent, but I sure had to try! love the stuff Joni made for you too! forgot about that image folder...must try to make those again =) hope you are having a wonderful Thursday! hope you can join us too!

  2. You deserve all of these goodies!! They are for sure very talented ladies!!
    Jodi =)

  3. You are sure a special person to get all them GOODIES...Have fun with them "all"! Can't wait to see more!!

  4. Wonderful BRAKs from these two talented ladies to one Luvn' talented Mama! You deserve all these goodies and well wishes so enjoy them! Hugs, Cami


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