Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monkeyin' Around . . .

Hi there!  Maybe I should re-introduce myself . . . 1LuvnMama here!  :)  hee, hee!  It's been way too long being away from my blog.  All is well on the homefront, just taking care of business and enjoying my little "boss" who is 2 months already.  Time flies by so fast and I sure don't want to miss out on any milestones in my kids lives!

My poor craft table has been neglected too and I do admit, I'm missing the time to craft.  I have some cards and projects to share but just don't have the time to edit my photos and get to my blog.  Here is a quicky.  I sorta cheated here . . . I had this image colored up (Bugaboo) a while ago and put together a card for a very special friend.  :) 

Here's a closer look . . . I used Glossy Accents for the balloon.  I colored the area around his neck green because I thought it was a scarf.  Quick question.  Is it a scarf?  Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't tell or decide whether it was a scarf or part of the monkey's arm/hand.  If anyone can tell me that would be great!  :)

Well, I have another card to show you next time I pop back on the blog.  It's another Bugaboo image which I pre-colored.  I suppose the Lord knew I needed to color some images in advance for times such as these (when I don't really have the time)!  :)  Have a great Sunday!


  1. Great card! I love bugaboo images. I think the part you colored green is his hand/arm holding on to the balloon :)

  2. well HELLO there stranger! lol! welcome back to the world of crafting/blogging! cute card! that monkey is so adorable, but as for your question... that's a good one. it does look like a scarf, but why would he be wearing a scarf? hehehe! and if it's his hand, it surely looks different from the other hand... lol! maybe it's supposed to be his hand holding the string? hehehe! either way, he's a cutie patootie! see you back again real soon!

  3. super cute! nice to see another creation by you!

  4. I think that's a scarf too, Mama. He's such a cute little monkey and your card is adorable--your friend will love this, your coloring is beautiful! You've calmed my Mama withdrawals, lol, so good to hear from you!

  5. I love your coloring! The digi is too cute and does look like a scarf but I can see how it could be his arm as well! YIKES!! I say you colored it as a scarf so it's a scarf!! LOL! Great card Mama!!

  6. he is sooooo handsome in person! =) i adore the colors you used and your details are always amazing, Mama! i LOVE this card! =)


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