Monday, December 28, 2009

CRAK from Michelle . . .

I sure hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, especially spending it was family & friends!  I'm still recovering from it . . . on Christmas day, our family had 3 gatherings for breakfast, lunch & dinner.  Talk about a Christmas spent with family overload!  Don't get me wrong, it was great to spend time with family, but boy were we exhausted!

Here's a CRAK { Michelle, you are responsible for coming up with this acronym ;) } that Michelle sent my way  . . . & I LUV it!!!

I just luv those Gorjuss Girls!

Thanks soooo much Michelle!  It's been awesome to connect with you through our blogs (and at get togethers with D, S, & K).  :)  You are so creative and I totally enjoy seeing your creations!!!   I'll see you soon at D's surprise birthday party!


  1. Woohoo! I going call you one "CRAK" head pretty soon! Hahahaha! Just kidding ... love that RAK from Michelle though - that box is the perfect size for holding little gifts! Have a great week Mama! xoxo, Linda

  2. Awesome "CRAK" from Michelle!!! omgosh, feels so weird to say that... LOL... love that creation of hers... it is so cute for giving gifts... Enjoy it and cannot see what you'll create with them... have a beautiful day!! hugs, Kris

  3. AWWW How sweet of Michelle what a wonderful CRAK!!!! WOW I love those images how sweet!!! Enjoy sweetie!!!!

  4. Cute kids! Awesome CRAK from Michelle!

  5. What adorable children you have! Awesome CRAK from Michelle--she's so sweet, isn't she?! Happy New Year to you and family!

  6. can't wait to see what you come up with. happy new year!

  7. Hey Luv,
    Thanks for sharing this pretty Crak! Michelle is so sweet & thoughtful.
    Thanks for the email.....LOL, you are so funny!
    Have a Happy New Year!

  8. Hey girl! Glad you liked it! I love my recipe box and am going to post it today. I feel so exhausted from Christmas that I finally have the energy to post something, lol. See you tomorrow night!

  9. cute kids! love the CRAK that Michelle gave you! what a word...yah?! well it looks like your kiddies were waiting for Christmas to come! hope they and you had a blast! have a blessed year in 2010~ and hopefully we'll meet one day! take care and hugs~joy


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