Friday, December 11, 2009

Psssst!! Wanna see some CANDY? That is - EYE CANDY!

{ SIGH } . . . I'm HOME!  Yay!  Back home to my hubby and my kiddos!  I missed them all while I was away, but had such a good time with my girlfriends.  We did lots and lots of shopping during the day & at night/early morning, we gambled.  Sometimes till 4-6am in the morning!  No wonder I'm so exhausted right now.  I didn't make $$$, but didn't lose it all too.  Thanks to everyone who wished me luck and encouraged me to stay safe so I can come home safe!   :)

Ok, for some candy . . . or should I say, EYE CANDY!!!  If you're having a rough day 'cause it's Friday, this might lift you up to get your weekend started!  Ready?  Here it comes!!!!

*** DISCLAIMER:  1LuvnMama is NOT responsible for any injury or damages!!! :) ***

Here are the Chippendales!!!  Pictured with them are my gf's K, P (the bride-to-be), 1LuvnMama, & L.   Do you see me holding the white piece of clothing in my hand?  I was able to snatch the tanktop that one of the Chippendale dancers threw into the audience!  I gave it to the bride-to-be . . . she's gonna have to stash that somewhere safe.  :)

The bride-to-be's co-workers didn't join us because they had taken her to the "OG".  Don't know what and where that is but I saw pictures and video coverage of their niteout!  OMG!!! Glad our flight was late in the evening.  So glad we missed it . . . soooo raunchy and dirty!!!  What's so funny is that the bride-to-be is conservative, shy, and innocent (can you tell she's an accountant!).  It's unlike her to participate in these kinds of "activities", but what the heck!  She had a private lap dance . . . boy was she one scared little kitten!

Well, I'm glad to be home and have tried to catch up on everyone's blogs.  I've missed out on a lot but ready to get back into the groove of things!  I have so much to do in so little time!  I suppose you know how that goes!  Hopefully, I'll be back with some stuff I'll be putting together!  Until then . . . my JOURNEY's been awesome!


  1. Welcome Home! Thanks for sharing the "eye" candy.....yum yum LOL

  2. Thanks for the 'eye candy'.My partner is deployed right now so this is just what I needed! So good you had a fantastic time.
    Kylie xo

  3. Thanks for sharing the eye candy, looks like you gals kept busy and had lots of fun! But it's always nice to be back home. :)

  4. Hmmmm, from the looks of things, I wonder if you really missed your computer.....? Looks like you were having wayyy to much fun! lol
    Welcome back!

  5. Hey mama! Welcome home! Oh boy, looks like you guys had a "fun" time! LOL! Now, back to crafting, right? Rest up - Christmas will be here before you know it! Take care and ttyl!

  6. looks like it was a fun trip! remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!!!


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