Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another CRAK . . . Thank you JOY!!!

Santa's helper brought yet another present to my door today.  Joy, over at A Place To Be Me, sent a wonderful {CRAK}.  You really need to visit her blog . . . Joy is amazing in whipping up any type of project!

Here is what was in my box!

LUVN this card! 

Luv Sassy Suzi Mini Notebook

Do you see those microbeads up there with the Bath & Body Works stuff?  Oh-oh . . . is that a hint to make some S~H~A~K~E~R~S?  :)  I'm no expert on in this area . . . I just make a whole lot of mess with those beads.  I have a bunch that are just sitting in the craft drawer.  Too darn afraid of them!

Anyway, Joy, thank you soooo much!  You are way too sweet and you really didn't have too CRAK me!  I totally appreciate you and all that you do.  Such a wonderful person!


  1. Wow, what an awesome CRAK! Love those handmade creations and her colored images, too--that's the best!

  2. you totally deserve that CRAK! you are one wonderful luvnmama and so sweet! thank you for my gift and I'm so glad you got yours! I know it's only something small, but I am glad you liked it. =)

  3. Mama, everytime I see the word "CRAK", it totally cracks me up! Hahhaha! Hey, maybe Joy can teach us to make the shakers ... k'den, TTYL! xoxo, Linda


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