Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just a Post . . . Out of Boredom!

Ok people . . . no posting of anything tonight.  Sorry, just listen to me ramble.  ;P

How many of you like Tiffany & Co.?  I do and so does my gf that's getting married at the end of the month.  She has this whole Tiffany blue with white satin ribbon theme going on.  It's a good idea, but when we, our group of friends, have to tie 200 ribbons (did that already) on the invitation . . . and then today, tying 300 white satin ribbons on the program & 300 white satin ribbons on the trademark blue box, you start to wonder, "What in the world was she thinking?"  What's even more hilarious it that we have to tie 300 more white satin ribbons on the Thank You cards!  Oh, don't get me wrong, we LUV our dear gf, but those white satin ribbons has gotten to us all.  I even dream about them bows!  I think I'll dream about them tonight!  :)  Ok, that was a good vent!  Thanks for sticking with me . . . But, I will share a couple of cards I made using Miss Anya Love.  JOURNEY back tomorrow.  Good-night! 


  1. Ramble away, girl.... :)

    But you girls had fun....chatting about nothing and everything! :D I bet they came out really nice! :D I remember the good old days....being there, done that. :D

  2. Blah, blah, blah. Enough about the bows, tell us all what you girls really get up to when you're all together. Surely there is wine and gossip?! It's ok, we can all keep a secret! lol. Love reading your rambles, keep them coming.

    Kylie xo

  3. okay if i had to help out and do that many i'd been dreaming it too!!! LOL... love the beautiful color combo she chose but OMGoodness... that's a lot... but you know what girl, it will all pay off in the end... just don't dream of "the attack of the white satin ribbon!" =D hehehe... hugs, Kris

  4. Did she delegate or is she helping? Brides are the smartest when they delegate. :0)

    Enjoy your bow dreams!!!

  5. It could have been worse-she could have had really nightmarish colors, but the Tiffany blue and white is so pretty! She's lucky to have her friends helping her....

  6. So funny.....Hey, I'm with you girl. I love the elegant Tiffany look and I love helping to do wedding stuff, but that ribbon would be too much PRESSURE for me! But I'd love to see pics of it all. Looking forward to your next post!

  7. LOL!! I think I would be dreaming of tying bows too! That's a fun theme, so I am sure that it will be a beautiful wedding!! =) Show us some pics!!
    Jodi =)

  8. Guess you won't be putting bows on any of your projects for a while, huh? Though I'm sure tying each bow made it worthwhile to the bride!

  9. LOL! Yes, I wanna see some pics! =) I put your blog badge on my blog. =) I'm a huge fan!


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