Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2009 Christmas Project Is A Go!

Yay!  I've found my Christmas project for 2009!  I'm excited to be doing it, but a little hesitant since it'll be taking up some of my time.  If I start now, I won't be STRESSING out as much.  I can almost envision what I'll be doing and how it'll look.  Sorry, but I'm not going to share too much information since I'll be giving them as gifts and some of my family & friends who visit my blog will be receiving these as Christmas gifts this year.  Okay, maybe I'll share a snip-it here and there, but not today. 

Oh, still don't know what Little Peony will be for Halloween.  Someone gave us a hand-me-down costume which is in really good condition.  We'll have to see . . . we might just have to use it as a back-up. 

Just wanted to share some thoughts - - - nothing more.  Right now, my JOURNEY will take me straight to bed!  Goodnite all!  { I feel like I'm writing on Facebook *laughing to myself :o)* }

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