Monday, October 19, 2009

41st Anniversary Card

Just wanted to share a card that I made for my in-laws.  They are celebrating their 41st Anniversary today.  Congrats to them!  Last year for their 40th anniversary, 1LuvnDad & I planned a party for them.  We invited family and some of their closest friends to a restaurant (had a private room).  It was just a time to mingle and reminisce on old times.  1LuvnDad put together a short video slideshow featuring photos from their first date, to getting married, to having children, to retirement, and to having grandchildren.  So wonderful to see the progression!  My parents also celebrated their 40th last year.  My brother and I planned their anniversary party as well.  Boy, was it a busy year for our family!

 Here are some pictures of the anniversary card I made.

I used brown & cream colored cardstock.   Incorporated into the card is a cream colored ribbon and photo corners.

The wordart was typed on the computer and adhered the 2 different colored cardstocks together.

The number 41was cut with my Cricut.

This year, I celebrated my 10th Anniversary. I pray that my marriage will have the longevity my parents & in-laws have.  I'm in for the long haul . . . as I JOURNEY along with my soulmate!


  1. Wow! So pretty...I'm impressed. That would be so neat to watch of slideshow of them through the years. I need to do something like that for parents sometime!

    After reading Amanda's blog I seriously needed some chocolate today!!!

  2. congrats to your inlaws. i don't know if i ever congratulated you on your 10th anniversary...but here's a late congratulations.


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