Thursday, October 22, 2009

Curious George Birthday Card

OMG . . . I knew I had to get my ~BLEEP~ in gear.  My cousin's daughter celebrated her 4th birthday . . . in September!  HELLO 1LuvnMama!  It's nearing the end of October!  Yikes!  On top of that, I still have to do my cousin's birthday card since it was her birthday too . . . no, not in September, but this month.  I'm just running around in circles here.

Anyways, I hope my cousin's not going to visit my blog, 'cause she's going to see the birthday card.  But, I had to post this . . . it came out so cute & I had to share it!  You see, the birthday girl loves Curious George.  How could I not do a Curious George card?  Here's how it turned out . . .

I used patterned and solid colored textured cardstock.  Used my circle punches & added a brown ribbon.  The Curious George template was done by freehand.  The font I used for the inside of the card is Pea Bonnie Script from my most favorite place (check my sidebar)!

I hope birthday girl enjoys this card.  I had lots of fun making it!  Now I must JOURNEY on to my next birthday card for my cousin before November comes around!  ;o) { CHUCKLES }

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