Sunday, September 6, 2009

Baby's 1st Birthday Luau

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Hawai`i is such a unique place to live. My family and I went to a Baby's 1st Birthday Luau today. What is a luau? A luau is a traditional Hawaiian feast where family and friends gather together for a meal. I can't remember if I read it somewhere or heard someone explain the significance of a Baby's Luau. In the past, many native Hawaiian children did not survive past their first year due to disease or other factors. Thus, when a child reached his/her first birthday, a HUGE celebration would take place. Today, luaus are an integral part of weddings, graduations, and even a Baby's First Birthday.

Enough said about the significance of a luau and getting back to the birthday party. For the sake of anonymity, I will refer to our friends as DaddyD and MommyW who longed to start a family of their own. They tried for years without success. Along came a pregnancy, but ended in miscarriage. Not long after that, DaddyD and MommyW were shocked when they found out they were expecting again because MommyW was nearing the end of her second trimester.  With more despair, they delivered their baby boy soon after learning of the pregnancy.  He survived not even a week.   When DaddyD and MommyW conceived once more, they were thrilled, but cautious.  How much can a couple take?  

Over a year ago, BabyP was born.  He was premature and showed some signs of concern at the beginning, but he overcame the odds.  Today, BabyP is a strong and healthy boy!  As we celebrated his first birthday, I'm reminded of the long road many couples, like DaddyD and MommyW, face in trying to start a family.  I'm also reminded of how precious life is.  Having infertility issues myself, I feel so blessed and thankful to have my 2 precious children!  The JOURNEY to becoming a mother was unlike anything I've experienced . . . I'm embracing it and luvn the JOURNEY!

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