Monday, September 14, 2009

September 11th . . .

Days come and go.  Years come and go.  I am pretty good at remembering important events and the special moments in my day to day life . . . with the help of my trusted friend, my daily planner.  Ever since I graduated high school (almost 20 years ago), I've kept a planner.  It's like a short version of a journal for me.  Every now and then, I check back to reminisce on the past.

For me, September 11th has left a mark in my mind.  I don't need a calendar or a daily planner to help me remember events that took place that day.  I'm sure the one particular event everyone in the world has etched in their minds is the 9/11 terror attacks on America.    Every year since 2001, we stop and reflect on what happened that tragic day.

What else does this particular date mean to me.  My grandparents were elated to welcome a daughter into their family on September 11th,  my mother.   In 1992, Hawai`i experienced Hurricane `Iniki (meaning "strong and piercing wind" in Hawaiian).  `Iniki severely damaged the island of Kaua`i.  And what do you know, my mother was visiting family on Kaua`i during the time Hurricane `Iniki struck.  Coincidence?  My mother . . . the hurricane . . . September 11th?

Well, this day especially hits home for myself, my husband and his family.  On September 11, 2004, we loss a very special person.  Kristin was my sister-in-law.  She was a wife to her husband, a daughter to her parents, a sister to her brother, a niece to her uncles and aunts, a cousin, and a friend.  She was . . . one of a kind.  Without going into detail, Kris and her husband was on a journey themselves.  A JOURNEY to start a family . . . stay tuned.  The story continues in my next post. 

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