Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mission: Success!

She did it!  Confirmed!  Little Peony did a whoppin' #2 in the potty!  I'm still in shock and what a milestone for her.  Let me tell you, 1LuvnMama is so, so, so proud of the little girl!  Her brother, Shadow, wasn't potty trained until the age of 2 1/2.  I'm proud of him too! 

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My first drawing using my Wacom tablet.  Just doodling around . . .
a little sketchy, but it was fun to make this for Little Peony!

Well, want the play by play action on today's potty experience?  Little Peony once again tugged at her diaper whining.  I sat her on the throne and nothing happened.  Ten minutes later, she did it again.  I picked Little Peony up and placed her on the throne.  This time the grunting was serious . . . and there "IT" appeared.  It was so cute to see her reaction.  She puckered up her lips and smacked them together to tell me it was a fish.  I just laughed and gave her praise!   When she was done, I let Little Peony flush the toilet and say goodbye to her 'fish'. 

I'm in awe of her!  She is quickly growing up before my eyes.  I'm thrilled, but sad that Littley Peony isn't a baby anymore . . . she's turning out to be such a BIG girl!  One thing I realize is that this is her first experience with the potty thing.  The JOURNEY will take time as she transitions, but I am ready for the long haul!

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