Monday, September 7, 2009

Too Much Stuff

Happy Labor Day everyone!

I was just cleaning out my little daughter's diaper bag. I will call her Little Peony. Boy, do I have a lot of "stuff" in that bag!

Changing pad . . . Desitin . . .Q-tips . . .Change of extra clothes . . . Comb . . . hair accessories . . . Snacks . . . a few toys . . . Scissors . . . Eco-Friendly Table Toppers . . . Earth Friendlier Diaper Sacks . . . Kleenex Tissue . . . Handsanitizer . . . Baby Wipes . . . and . . . DIAPERS!
*The list goes on*

What does your diaper bag look like? Well, there have been times where I'm fumbling through the bag to just find the baby wipes. Or even a diaper! I can say that I'm an organized type of person, although my cousin says I'm a Type A Personality to the extreme. (I beg to differ. *smiling face*) I just can't keep the diaper bag organized for some odd reason. Oh well, can't be perfect all the time. Funny thing is that I stumbled upon Milk and Honey Designs in one of my favorite sites, Summertime Designs. There is a tutorial on how to make a diaper clutch. I thought to myself, I really need something like that in my diaper bag. I can sew a straight line so that classifies me as a novice. At Milk and Honey Designs, they are offering a giveaway, yes, you heard that right, a GIVEAWAY. Check out her site.

Diaper Clutch made and designed by:  Milk and Honey Designs

Maybe I'll try my hand at making a diaper clutch one day. By the time I get around to doing it, my Little Peony will no longer be in diapers. ;o) And so . . . the JOURNEY goes on.


  1. Why a peony for your daughter? Just curious

  2. If you noticed, I love cherry blossoms. :o)
    I also like the Peony (meaning beauty & honor), thus inspiring me to nickname my "beautiful" daughter, Little Peony.


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