Saturday, September 5, 2009

Do I Really?

Ok, couldn't help but post today.  I suppose this is my 1st "struggle". 

I wrestled back and forth . . . Do I really want to create a blog?  Do I really have something to say that's of importance?  Do I really want the world to know the happenings of my life?  Can I really do this?  I finally gave in and created this blog.  Now, the question is, Will people be interested in Luvn The Journey

As I researched and babbled into creating this blog, I wanted my site to be unique to me.  What I didn't realize is that the initial set-up took more time than I expected.  My attention to detail and being somewhat of a perfectionist played a BIG role in that.  My hope is to complete the layout of this blog and get it up and running so that I can begin my JOURNEY!  *smiles* 


  1. Your layout is awesome! I expect to check back somewhat regularly to see how you're doing in your "jouney". Keep it up!

  2. Thanks! Please do check back . . . I'm sure you'll enjoy my JOURNEY!

  3. Glad to see that you decided to join the "blogwagon"...hope you enjoy the ride!

  4. Thanks for the luv Middleagedmom. Check in from time to time. You might shed some tears or get a good laugh! :o)


Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate all the kind and sweet comments that y'all leave 4 me . . . showing me some luv from your {HEART} makes me smile and want to create, inspire and ramble some more! :o)