Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Baby Shower Invitation

Okay, it just feels like I've been busy on this computer or the one in my bedroom doing various projects.  I'm trying to put together my second kit, { My Little Peony } Kit.  Not quite finished yet, but I want to share it with you soon.  I'm also working on some photo editting stuff so I can do my layouts.  Oh, not to mention all the side projects that recently came up.  You know how that is . . . something always comes up when you least expect it.  My poor kiddos!  :o(

1LuvnDad & I have been talking for weeks, or I should say months now, about throwing a baby shower for one of our dear friends.  This is their first child and are expecting on Christmas Day.  What a gift!  Well, those weeks, or should I say months, just creeped up on us and we don't have much time.  It's a good thing that our guestlist is pretty small, try like 27 people/children altogether.  Oh, did I mention that it'll be at our place? 

So, we set the date and emailed our friends to give them a heads up on what's taking place.  I quickly started to make the shower invites so that I could mail them out.  Here's my latest creation.

I dug up a scrap paper with these cute animals.  Don't know what company made it but there were 9 of them on a 12 x 12 paper .  Perfect!  I needed to make 9 invitations!  The patterned paper I got from a local scrap store & made by Daisy D's Paper Company.  Also, used various solid colored papers with texture.  The other embellishments I used for this invitation was some brads, ribbon, a Stampin Up baby carriage stamp, Fiskars scalloped scissor, corner rounder, art glitter, & some *BLING*.  Oh, I typed the invites on my computer using the font Pea Heather's Handwriting which I got from kevinandamanda.com.  You should definitely check out her site!  Awesome fonts for font addicts like me!

I'll be sending this one to Will & Shelley.  They have a special name that they call each other . . . "bunny".   Don't ask me why, but check out his little tail!  ;o)

Here's the actual invitation that I inserted into the pocket.  Sorry for the blur . . . had some private information that I didn't want to share with the world.

I can't wait to see everyone.  Some we see on a regular basis & our other friends we see at special events or occassions.  That's sad, but reality is, we all have our own happenings in our lives . . . work, family, hobbies, quiet time (Did I just say that?  What is quiet time?), and so forth.  The funny thing is, when we do get together, it's always like old times!  I love that!  In the busyness of life, I have to remind myself to enjoy the people around me, have time for myself so that I can be a better wife & mother, and to trust the Lord in all aspects of my life.  Yes, I'm truly luvn the JOURNEY!

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