Tuesday, September 15, 2009

. . . Our loss . . . God's gain . . .

This is Part II of my September 11th post.

As I mentioned, my sister-in-law passed away on September 11, 2004 at the age of 31.  Kristin was such special person.  There was not a mean bone in her body, only a spirit of love and kindness.   She was physically very active and ate healthy.   WHAT (you are probably thinking) happened?

Kristin and her husband long to start a family and tried for years with no success possibly due to her having endometriosisShe had gone in for a routine laparoscopic surgery to remove one of her ovaries because of some cysts & lesions on the ovaries.  It was supposed to be a fairly simple procedure.  No one had any inkling what would take place.  A week after her initial surgery, she was admitted to the hospital due to a complication.  From that point, Kristin's health quickly turned for the worst and she passed away within days of her being admitted.  Her death was unexpected and untimely.  We grieve for her and still feel the loss.  This September 11th marked 5 years since her passing. 

Kristin loved the Lord and accepted Jesus as her Savior.  We are comforted and have assurance that she is in the mist of her King.  Her life was cut short, but she is now on an eternal JOURNEY in heaven.  We love you Kris!

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  1. Nice tribute to Kris...just think she's whole again in heaven...hanging out with God!

  2. Thanks Danielle for the BIG hugs . . . losing a loved one is always tough. Celebrating Kris' life and remembering all the fond memories, helps our family cope with our loss.


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