Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another Give Away . . . Another Special Treat!

You would never, ever guess it!  I received another "GIVEAWAY" prize!  It's a funny story really and I'll try to make it short.

You know the $20 gift card I got from Paige & Brooke's site?  Well, I sort of, kind of connected with someone that visits their site.  I happened to check out this person's site out of curiosity.  On her sidebar, she had a button that said she won $300 from Give Away Today.  So, I go and click on this link.  It's a site that gives away products from companies or small business.  They get exposure and possibly get business by advertising on Give Away Today's site.  Anyway, since then (which was about a week or so ago), I've been entering by posting a comment.  That's it!  Well, what did I win?  Check out my sidebar!  It was a $30 gift certificate to Lora Elizabeth Stamped Jewelry
Here is what I'm getting with my 2 precious children's names stamped on the silver plate.  The rivet I'm getting in clear.  I luv it and it'll go well with my other custom jewelry! 

I am truly grateful for all that's happened.  Since I'm going to Vegas in December, 1LuvnDad is hoping that I hit the MegaBucks with winning these giveaways.   Whatever the case, the JOURNEY's been great!  Thanks Give Away Today & thanks Lora Elizabeth Stamped Jewelry!

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  1. Isn't GiveAwayToday the greatest!?! Congrats on your amazing win! Keep up the good luck...but share the wealth a bit! :0)


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