Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Circle of Life

The 'Circle of Life' is something we all experience . . . in the birth of a newborn to the death of someone we care about.  That's just the process of how God made it.  Joy, at A Place To Be Me, sent out a post the other day.  A dear friend of hers had passed away and was asking if anyone wanted to make a handmade card for the family.  ~ Go over to her site to see the details ~  I had to make one for the family because a good friend of mine emailed me about a week before to specifically pray for "Susan".  Can you believe how small this world is?  Not knowing "Susan", I prayed for healing and recovery, but the Lord had other plans.  Then my focus became praying for the family especially the children she left behind.  Here is a card that I made for the family . . .  very simple.

I added a mini circle accordian album on the front of the card.  If you pull the album one way, it reads, "You're In Our Prayers" & if you pull the album the other way, it reads, "With Heartfelt Sympathy Kawelo Family".  I didn't take a picture of the inside, sorry.  Keep the family in prayer too, as this is a difficult time.

Well, the Baby Shower is over and we all had a blast!  No card to share here, but wanted to share how I made the Parents-To-Be cake or should I say, cupcakes.  Take a look . . .  no laughing please ;o)

I get inspired when I watch Cake Boss, Ultimate Cake Challenge, or Ace of Cakes.  I wish I had that kind of talent to build a cake.  Unfortunately, I don't!  My last cake that I made was a disaster.  So, instead of baking a cake for the shower, I made cupcakes.  Who can go wrong with cupcakes?  I baked red velvet cupcakes & topped it off with Butter Cream Frosting.   Added some strinkles and voila!  I printed a picture of Shelley & one of Will to top the cupcake.  I then used my Cricut to cut the baby image.  This is how it came out!  Nothing fancy . . . simple!

Today is rest day for me and the family since we had such a busy weekend.  Looking forward to JOURNEYING through this week.  The madness never ends!  That's part of the 'Circle of Life'.


  1. thank you so much for contacting really is a small world...I know that God brought this event for us to get to know each's never a coincidence. I am so grateful to you for spreading the your's so pretty and elegant. thank you for doing that. the funeral was much was great to see the kids and Keoni. bless you for all that you do! oh those cupcakes! have a great Monday

  2. So sad about that family. Will be keeping them in my prayers. That was a beautiful card. I'm sure it blessed them.

    As for the shower...cute cupcakes. Homemade?
    I'm sure the parents to be were blessed by all that you did for them.

    One blog post many more to go? I may have to read more later. I'm so behind.


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