Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sour Cream Anyone?

I'll make this a short post today { not if I can help it!  ;o) }

Today was my son's last day of  swimming lessons.  We are all kind of sad :(  only because he enjoys it so much!  Plus, Shadow made a friend during his swim lessons.  Since this was the kids last lesson, I decided to make a little something for Shadow's friend and the swim instructor.  I took the sour cream container idea and altered the size a bit larger to fit juice, some snacks, and a gift card.  It was SUPAH, HUGE, & GI-NORMOUS! :)  Before I show it to you, I put together a photo collage of my son's JOURNEY!

Here are a few pics of Shadow from September to present.  { I tried to do a photo effect/action in Photoshop, but couldn't get it to work . . . shucks!  Would've looked way cool! }

I hope you can read all that mumble jumble!   Click on the collage to get a closer look.

Now, here's the BIG sour cream container I made . . .

I used a digital image by Laurie's Scraps.  The boys hair was actually blonde and the board shorts was green.  I just used Photoshop to change to colors.  Voila!  A new looking boy with sparkly blue board shorts! 
Instead of crimping the 2 ends, I just used my scallop punch to give it a different look.   The paper I liked because it reminded me of water.  BTW, I used a 10 x 12 inch CS for this project.

Thanks for looking!  Our JOURNEY now takes us to the beach more often (if it doesn't rain since it's beginning to be a rainy season here in Hawaii).  Well, until my son starts up swim lessons again in January.


  1. Ahh these are too cute! Amara went to Leahi too and she loved it! They were so good with the kids and she can totally swim now. Hope he had fun!

  2. Cute collage and adorable gift container. You are so talented.


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