Friday, November 13, 2009

Blog Candy Search

Brenda at Sweet As A Gumdrop just gave away her Blog Candy today.  She had some cute stuff to giveaway!  Then I got on a mission to search for some Blog Candy.  What'd ya know?  So many wonderful ladies offering some sweet stuff!  So . . . I'm doing a little advertising, but also, want a chance for all to have the opportunity to win { me too *he, he* }!  So, here I go . . .

I think I like the reindeer the best!  It brings back memories from my childhood.  In school, we'd sing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  I also have the Rudolph VHS (yes, old school . . . need to update and get it on DVD).  Just luv all the old Christmas stories!

This one ends today, Nov. 13th!  If you run on over, maybe you still have a chance at winning!

OMG!  So much goodness!  You can just feel the luv & the appreciation from these ladies and how they want to give back to their fellow "FOLLOWERS".  They are definitely luvn their JOURNEY!  I'm really feeling the luv . . . hmmmm, maybe a Blog Candy from me?  You need to check back to find out!  *SMILE from ear to ear!*

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