Sunday, November 29, 2009

Not my creation . . .

Today was a very busy day for me and my family.  We had lunch at Willow's with the family (19 of us total).  Had a good time eating and talking story . . . ate a bunch of my favorite dessert . . . fried haupia!!!! ONO!!! 



After lunch, my Aunty G took my brother and his family, my cousin and her family, and myself along with my son to her friends house up on Wilheimina Rise.  Let me tell you, the view from up there is BEAUTIFUL!  Keep reading and scroll down for a picture of Diamond Head. 

Anyway, every year, my Aunty's friend prepares a day of gingerbread house decorating.  They put this event on for 3 weeks - - 1 for the wife's side of the family, 1 for the husband's side of the family, and lastly, 1 for all their friends.  We were so fortunate to participate this year!  1LuvnDad & Little Peony went home for a nap after lunch, so it was just Shadow and I.  This is Shadow's chance to shine and CREATE!!!

{No laugh eh!  I made Little Peony a gingerbread house  . . . try like in 5 minutes!  Had to work fast because the kids were getting restless and tired!}

OMG!! This Christmas Tree was GIGANTIC!  I was in awe of the tree with all its beautiful ornaments!  Oh, forgot to mention that there were 2 other Christmas trees there too.  Well, hope you all had a great weekend!  JOURNEYING forward to another busy week! :)


  1. Yum! Those pictures get me in the holiday spirit. I love this time of year!!!

  2. Oh what fun and what sweet little angels! We decorate gingerbread houses each year too! I love this tradition!

    Thank you for joining Layers of Color! Have a blessed Christmas!

  3. what wonderful pictures you have shared with us! I love the view...cute gingerbread houses and that tree was ENORMOUS! just put up my tree! now to decorate! thank you for coming by and for leaving such sweet comments...I am so glad to have met you in the blogging world! have a great week!


Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate all the kind and sweet comments that y'all leave 4 me . . . showing me some luv from your {HEART} makes me smile and want to create, inspire and ramble some more! :o)